System of modular seat dedicated to various interior arrangements

Date: 10.2015
Materials: Birch plywood, birch solid wood
Finishing: Natural plywood color, lacquered black legs
Design: Marcin Kropidlo
Colaboration: jangstudio.co
Photos: Łukasz Nowak
Order: product on request – contact us (4-6 weeks delivery)

Public space is … a place to share, a place where we meet, talk and get closer to each other. ‘Unity,’ ‘continuity,’ ‘infinity’ – those are the adjectives that describe the natural character of it. ‘Centipede’ has the same features. Plus it enhances social activity in public space. Modular system can fulfill a space evenly or form vivid accents. Through its continuity, it does not create closed enclaves. On the contrary, it provokes contact, open discussion and getting to know of people sitting on the same bench right next or behind us. ‘Centipede’ is a system of modular seat dedicated to various interior arrangements.