Energy saving houses district

Date: 07.2015
Type: private client comission
Location: Nadarzyn, Poland
Size: 60 houses
Team: Marcin Kropidlo,
Ligia Krajewska(exexe architects), Jakub Pstraś(exexe architects)
Status: building permit

The project was based on the order of a private investor who purchased land consisting of 60 plots in the town of Nadarzyn, which is located 20 km from the center of Warsaw.
The urban planning of the area in terms of the plots division and the communication system has been defined in the local spatial development plan. The project assumes creating a balanced zone of single-family houses with the features of architecture and social planning, minimally limited by spatial barriers.
The estate consists of 4 types of houses that create an urban composition in pairs in any configuration. The houses’ solids have been designed for both architectural values ​​and urban composition defined by the imposed division into plots. Each pair of houses forms a common open foreground with a facade uniformly designed with a low fence. These spaces are to serve the residents’ intergeneration.
The functional layout of houses enables potential integration of residents in the entrance zones and isolation of private life within the living rooms that have been connected with private gardens using large loggias. In the depths of the plots, in their corners, additional common parts of residents for each of the 4 parcels were designed. All houses have been designed in frame construction technology in the standard of
low-energy houses.